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These Made-to-Order triple waist jeans are actually a style triple threat! They are waist flattering, layered with cool textures and various denim tones and well... they are 🔥🔥🔥 ****Made-to-order****** IMPORTANT NOTICE BELOW******
All made-to-order JE merchandise is made from primarily recycled material and will have some variance from that shown in the above image. The specific denim used to make your product will be exclusively different, as not two garments are exactly alike. By placing an order in the made-to-order category you recognize that your garment will resemble the merchandised pictured in overall design concept and configuration, but will have distinct differences in denim wash, rendering, and overall outcome. You also recognize that JE products have raw finishes and edges as it relates to garment construction and overall manufacturing. You agree to these terms when placing an order for our merchandise.

3 The Hard Way Jeanie Jeans

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