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Press Release

                                      For Immediate Release |


Branding Strategist, Co-Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of The Lady Loves Couture, Marjorie Harvey Handbags and Marjorie Harvey’s Closet is launching her next fashion venture bearing her name, Allison Elizabeth Brown FURS.


The stunning collection offers a little something for every luxury fashion lover. It is an extension of her signature Allison Elizabeth Brown Collection and pairs impeccably well with her ingenious denim label,  JeanExtreme International which uses recycled denim and other unique textiles to render stylish statement pieces that are sure to turn heads. E-VERY-THANG Allison touches is HAUTE!!! We do mean EVERYTHANG! 


Allison Elizabeth Brown's ability to turn her passion for mixing various style elements together to create memorable looks is kicked into overdrive with the addition of this subdivision to her existing brands. Adding the ultra luxurious beauty of fur outerwear, apparel, accessories and other pieces to her online store, transforms the website into a super chic virtual shopping experience! Be sure to subscribe by clicking here and check back weekly to stay in-the-know as well as shop new arrivals.

Click here to lean more about Allison's branding and entertainment services. 

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