So glad to invite you into my uniquely curated world of urban fashion, glamour & style.  With more than a decade of fashion experience and industry knowledge, I've created something more than just a site, this is a destination!  I LOVE beautiful things! No seriously I'm obsessed.  I think one of life's joys is surrounding yourself with people, places, and things that truly inspire you! -Clothes are definitely included. Lol!


Whether it's something I've designed and/or made, paid a baJILLION dollars for, or a great bargain I've found, I just want whatever I buy to be HAUTE honey!!!  I'm thinking you feel the same waaaay!  So I've put this site together to include you in on the fun! I've also added a variety of style services from personal makeovers to interior design, in order to provide you with convenient stylish living. Let's live our best life together by turning heads when we walk into a room and by creating memorable spaces. 


Specifically with fashion, I've brought four distinct brands together here on this one site for one easy breezy shopping experience!  There's something for every woman, any budget, and almost any occasion.  Check out the brief descriptions below for more details on each brand or if you're daring like me, just jump right in and style surf for yourself...


  Listen, every fashionista worth her weight in stilettos knows creating memorable looks is all about knowing what to wear and (most importantly) how to put a fabulous fit together.  My goal by bringing a variety of options to one central location, is to make that task super effortless & easy.  Happy shopping!


-Allison Elizabeth Brown

Some things are extremely necessary...Jeanextreme International is a global luxury clothing brand created and established back in 2001. I took a little break from designing denim but this brand is back and on a mission!  It's a socially conscious label committed to offering innovative urban design concepts, utilizing recycled textiles when possible, as well as offering citizens (often marginalized in metropolitan communities) unique workforce and economic development opportunities.


In plain English...We love dope clothes, fly marketing and giving back to the community! That’s it. That’s all.

Aesthetically, our aim is to always push the envelope and perception of denim's use as a textile.  Our prevailing design mantra is... "Recycling the familiar to produce the imaginative". So rock with us as we merge unquestionable urban style with our love and commitment to social change.  You are extremely necessary!


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Splendor. Magnificence. Distinction. Respect.


These are all the tenants of the Allison Elizabeth Brown Collection, a contemporary womens designer label featuring dramatic designs, fine knits and fabrics, gaudy metallic accessories as well as (coming soon) fine furs.  Silhouettes are heavily influenced by Studio 54, the disco era, Dianna Ross in Mahogany, Willi Wear, Pat Cleveland drenched in Halston, Naomi Simms literally wearing anything, Dominique Devereux from Dynasty, and who can forget the Ebony Fashion Fair. Empire.  Mid 70s - early 80's chic is the hallmark of this emerging brand. 


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Street. Chic. Lit.  Always on trend and almost always under $1oo, Shillznick is a style stars' sweet spot.  Mix these super cute statement pieces with luxury items from your own wardrobe or our LuX LaBel LoUnge for the win!   Who doesn't love to rock some stunning street style?  Well make the city sidewalk your very own katwalk and give it to em' in these fabulously fly pieces that wont break the bank.  Site includes everything from accessories to outerwear.


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